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If you want to dramatically improve your decor with a work from one of the most renowned glass artists in North America, just get in touch directly with Thinkglass, who will inform you on all possibilities and on the simple steps to follow. You will end up with an outstanding piece of art!


When Mailhot gets a mandate for an installation, he has to prepare a drawing.

The drawings are a paper interpretation showing what will the installation will look like, including texture and colors.

Once the drawing his accepted, his talent as a Master Glass artist is to bring it to life, by turning it into a unique glass masterpiece with vibrant colors and flawless texture.

Mailhot Artistic Drawing - Glass Doors   Glass Art by Mailhot - Glass Doors
Mailhot Artistic Drawing - Aerial Sculpture   Glass Art by Mailhot - Aeriel Sculpture
Mailhot Artistic Drawing - Glass Table   Glass Art by Mailhot - Glass Table
Mailhot Artistic Drawing - Glass Panels   Glass Art by Mailhot - Glass Panels